About Uppland

Uppland, coming from that it is the land north of Lake Mälaren. The province includes the northern part of the Capital Stockholm where most of the 1.433.000 inhabitants live. The area is today mostly split between the counties of Uppsala and Stockholm. Uppland is one of the richest areas in Sweden when it comes to ancient remains, especially from the Viking Age. The province has the highest amount of found runestones in Sweden. But there is also a large number of castles and estates to be found here.

Uppland is split into four historical lands, known as “folkland”. The four lands of Uppland are Attunda, Fjärdhundraland, Roden, and Tiundaland.

Largest City: Stockholm
Province Flower: “Kungsängslilja”, snake’s head fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris)
Province Animal: White-tailed eagle

Places to Explore in Uppland

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