Join us in exploring our neighbor to the east – Finland. This is Susann’s home country and a country we regularly travel to. As we have done with our series Exploring Sweden, Exploring Slovakia, Exploring Norway. and Exploring Malta, we will write about a few of all the places we have visited.

We have visited each one of the towns and villages that we have written about and try to include as much information as possible, both from our research before going as well as what we have found out afterward. Unfortunately, we have not been able to see every single sight in each place. The posts are not only meant as guides for you, but they are also for us. It is our way to share and at the same time take notes if we ever return. And all photos are our own from our visits, weather and season of the year might not always have been the most optimal.

Short About Finland

Finland is a country in northern Europe. It was up until 1809 a part of Sweden and gained its independence from Russia in 1917. It is today a part of the European Union and is about to join NATO.

Capital: Helsinki
Population: 5.550.000
Currency: Euro
Language: Finnish & Swedish

Finland Flag

Exploring Finland

Exploring Finland can be a very diverse experience. You have large urban areas, never-ending forests, whole systems of lakes, and a long coast along the Baltic Sea. It is easy to get around with English in urban areas, but it can be a bit harder in rural regions. There are buses and trains connecting large parts of the country, but to get out in nature you usually need your own car. Exploring Finland will include sights from many different eras. You have castles and churches from the time Finland was a part of Sweden. You have whole towns, such as Helsinki, that were built during the time this was a part of Russia. Then you have the more modern developments that have been added since Finnish independence in 1917. All of this makes exploring Finland a very interesting endeavor.

Places to Explore in Finland

Exploring The Åland Islands

If you are looking to explore the autonomous region of the Åland Islands, then have a look at our guide. This is a region of Finland that we visit several times each year and have shared stories about since the start of The Biveros Effect.

The Åland Islands Guide

Exploring Europe

Join us in exploring more of what Europe has to offer. It is not only Finland that we have been exploring.