The Åland Islands Guide

The Åland Islands Guide

Welcome to the Åland Islands! Are you thinking about visiting the Åland Islands or have you already booked your vacation? Don’t miss our guide about the places to see and the things to do here.

We hope that you will find the information provided here useful. We will keep adding content continuously. Do you have ideas, suggestions, or requests? Please feel free to ask questions or tell us if there is anything that you would like to see in this Guide to the Åland Islands.

The Guide to the Åland Islands: Sights

There are several sights on the Åland Islands that might be of interest to its visitors. Here you will find a variety of fascinating attractions; medieval castles like Kastelholm, Russian fortifications such as Bomarsund Fortress and the batteries at Kungsö and Sålis, and older constructions like the chapel at Lemböte and medieval stone churches. Add to that the amazing nature and the ever-present sea, as well as fun events throughout the year.

To read more about a particular attraction, click on the star on the map.

The Åland Ilands: How to get there?

The Åland Islands are located in the Baltic Sea at a narrow point between the mainlands of Sweden and Finland. There are only two ways to get to the islands; either by plane or more commonly by boat.

There are three companies that run ferries stopping at the Åland Islands. Two of these companies are based on the islands.

Viking Line

Viking Line has several ferries to the islands. From Stockholm and Kapellskär in Sweden and from Turku and Helsinki in Finland. From Stockholm, it takes approximately five hours and a half to reach Åland. The journey from Kapellskär is quicker, approximately two hours thirty minutes. It is possible to book bus transfer to Kapellskär. From Turku, the trip takes 4-5 hours and from Helsinki 11 hours.

  • Kapellskär <-> Mariehamn
  • Stockholm <-> Mariehamn/Långnäs <-> Turku
  • Stockholm <-> Mariehamn <-> Helsinki

Visit Viking Line >>

Eckerö Line

Eckerö Line or Eckerölinjen has one ferry crossing at one of the narrowest parts between Grisslehamn in Sweden and Eckerö. The journey takes two hours. It is possible to book bus transfer from Stockholm to Grisslehamn and from Eckerö to Mariehamn.

  • Grisslehamn <-> Eckerö

Visit Eckerö Line >>

Tallink Silja Line

Tallink also has several ferries stopping in Mariehamn. From Stockholm in Sweden, Turku, and Helsinki in Finland, as well as from Tallinn in Estonia.

  • Stockholm <-> Mariehamn/Långnäs <-> Turku
  • Stockholm <-> Mariehamn <-> Helsinki
  • Tallinn<-> Mariehamn <-> Stockholm

Visit Tallink Silja Line >>

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