Litslena, Uppland, Exploring Sweden

Litslena, Uppland – Exploring Sweden

Litslena, or Litslenaby, is a small settlement in the historical province of Uppland. This was once the center of social life in the area as it with its church was the center of the parish. Today it consists of a few single-family homes and a few farmsteads that are a part of Enköping Municipality in Uppsala County.

A Short History of Litslena

Litslena Parish has its origins in the Middle Ages and its church was built in the 12th century. The church was for centuries the center of social life in the parish. The parish existed up until the Swedish municipal reform of 1862 when its operations were split between the local government of Litslena Municipality and the church congregation.

The municipality was independent until 1952 when it was incorporated into Norra Trögd Municipality, which in turn became a part of Enköping Municipality in 1971. The church congregation is since 2013 a part of Villberga Congregation.

Things to Do and See

On a hill watching out over the surrounding farmlands is a brown wooden clock tower. It belongs to the church that is a short distance down the hill, a church that is easily seen by the cars passing by on the nearby road.

Litslena Church

Litslena Church is a white stone church that is believed to have been built during the 12th century. Only a part of the original church still stands as a part of the current building, after centuries of alterations and extensions.

A short distance away from the church stands the wooden clock tower. It was built in 1773 to replace an older tower that was destroyed by the wind in 1741.

How to Get to Litslena

  • Flights: Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) is 68 kilometers to the east and Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST) is 39 kilometers to the west.
  • Car: Litslena is along Road 55 east of Enköping.
  • Bus: Buses from UL connect Litslena with the surrounding region.

The driving distance from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Stockholm – 67 kilometers (49 min)
  • Gothenburg – 420 kilometers (4 h 50 min)
  • Malmö – 640 kilometers (7 h 3 min)
  • Linköping – 214 kilometers (2 h 44 min)
  • Kiruna – 1201 kilometers (14 h 15 min)

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  1. rjoiner2021

    My wife and I were in Sweden this past week (we are from Canada) and our only disappointment was not spending more time seeing its many wonderful parts. Sadly we could only visit Malmo and Gutenberg but a return visit will be a must.

    1. Jesper

      Hope that you enjoyed your visit. As with all countries there is a lot to explore. For us it is kind of similar with Canada as we have only been to Montreal 🙂

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