Trixie and Cleo, Stora Sandviken, Västerljung, Nynäs Nature Reserve

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Stora Sandviken

We visited Vagnhärad again this weekend and on Saturday the whole family headed to the beach Sandviksbadet. The beach is located at the bay Stora Sandviken, a part of Nynäs Nature Reserve outside of Västerljung. Trixie and Cleo, my parents’ two Golden Retrievers, were more than happy to get out for a new training session. For the rest of us, this was a short picnic with barbequed sausages and a freezing breeze from the Baltic Sea. It was eventually too cold to stand still, so the Golden Retrievers were allowed to start collecting their dummies. Meanwhile, I tried to get my camera to survive as long as possible, as the battery decided that it would prefer a warmer climate.

For once, even Trixie, the older of the two and the mother of Cleo, had plenty of energy. These two dogs run fast, so getting them within the frame of a photo can sometimes be quite challenging. Especially so with the zoom lens where a move of a few millimeters will make me miss these ladies completely. Luckily I can usually find a good location along their path that makes it possible to know where they are coming from so that the camera is ready. Otherwise, I would never have enough time to locate them, let the camera find its focus, and take the photo.

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Trixie & Cleo in Action at Stora Sandviken

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  1. picpholio

    I’ve always had Golden Retreiver for more than 20 years, for me it’s the best dog bread ever.

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