A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Månbacken

There is something special about seeing the joy of a Golden Retriever when they get to work. I joined my mother and her two Golden Retrievers, Trixie and Cleo, for a short after Christmas training session today at Månbacken. It was a great opportunity for some photos as well. Månbacken is an area within the Nynäs Nature Reserve.

Trixie gave birth to her one and only pup this spring when Cleo joined the family. Eight-month-old Cleo really shows a lot of joy when she is let loose to play. However, six-year-old Trixie is a bit slower and more focused on the task at hand. This time, the task was mainly to locate dummies thrown into the bushes and surroundings. As you can see in the photos, it was a fairly cold day. The dogs didn’t seem to mind, though.

Yes, this post will mostly consist of photos. If you want more of a Golden’s Happy Moments, more photos can be found here >>

Cleo in Action

Cleo really flies when she jumps and her speed across the field is impressive, even though there are multiple changes of direction along her path. It took some work och focus to keep up with her speed!

Trixie’s Turn

Trixie doesn’t jump at every occasion in the same way that Cleo does. Instead she is more like a bullet set out in the direction of her target.

Playtime at Månbacken

What better way to end the training session than to let mother and daughter get some good playtime before heading back? Yes, it turns out that young Cleo has a lot more energy.

With some snow on the ground and the temperature slightly below zero, we did indeed have a good photo session at Månbacken. I hope you enjoyed these photos of Trixie and Cleo in action.

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