A Golden’s Happy Moments, Trixie & Cleo, Trostorp

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Trostorp

We are back in Vagnhärad for a few days. The large amount of snow that fell a few weeks ago has started to disappear, but there is still plenty left on the fields. The white landscape is, however, not covered by the fine snow from earlier. As the snow melts, it turns wet and heavy. I still decided to join my mother this morning as she headed out to train with her two golden retrievers. We drove to a large field next to Trostorp, a homestead belonging to the local heritage association. Here we met up with two friends of my mother’s, who were also here to train their dogs.

Cleo in Action at Trostorp

This time it was Cleo’s turn to start. This 7-month-old, the only pup of Trixie, always has a lot of energy. She first walked along with my mother while my mother was placing the dummy in the bushes. Then once they were back at the starting point she was let go to collect it. Cleo really seemed to enjoy this activity. She wasn’t even distracted by the other dogs, she was only focused on running across the snow-clad field. At times she was so excited that she carried the dummies the wrong way. You can probably see which way is the correct way in the photos.

Trixie’s Turn

The soon-to-be 7-year-old golden retriever Trixie was more than happy when it was her turn to collect the dummies. She has been looking a bit slow recently, but this time she really gathered some speed across the field. Just like Cleo, her task was to collect the dummies and return them to my mother.

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