A Golden’s Happy Moments, Trixie & Cleo, Åshorn, Trosa

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Åshorn

Yes, we are back at my parent’s place in Vagnhärad and I do take any opportunity to play with the camera. So I once more joined my mother as she headed out to train her two Golden Retrievers. This time we went to a forest at Åshorn outside of Trosa. The forests here in Sweden have turned green again after the short winter and offer beautiful walks. Even better when looking for nice areas to let the dogs run freely.

Cleo in Action at Åshorn

Trixie and Cleo took turns to practice and collect dummies that we had hidden in the forest. The one-year-old Cleo still has a lot to learn and is quite unpredictable which path she will take. This really makes it hard to capture her with the camera. She is, however, mostly airborne. Which makes it quite fun to watch her run.

Trixie in Action at Åshorn

Trixie is a bit more experienced. This 7-year-old lady is the mother of Cleo and was really back at full speed today. She doesn’t fly as high as Cleo, instead, she acts more like a bullet when running through the bushes. Maybe a bit unfocused from time to time, but she showed once more that she can be really playful.


How to end a practice if not to get some time to play. Mother and daughter running side by side through the green bushes. The two of them could probably have continued for a lot longer, but it was eventually time to head back home. Especially since I had no more space left on my memory card.

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  1. Irene

    Beautiful dogs, beautiful photos in a beautiful day. Both of them look really happy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. picpholio

    Golden Retreivers are great workers, the have a will to please. I always had Goldens in the past.

  3. govnan

    These are perfect Spring pictures – Cleo looks like an Easter bunny!

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