Cleo, Golden Retriever, Ullaberg, Västerljung, Sweden

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Cleo at Ullaberg

If you’re looking for cute photos, just scroll to the bottom. This post includes four dogs as I joined my mother and a friend of hers when they were practicing with their dogs. My mother only brought with her Cleo this time, and let Trixie stay home to rest. We went to the forests at Ullaberg, located at the outskirts of Västerljung and not far from Vagnhärad.

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Cleo in Action at Ullaberg

Cleo only got a few sprints today when collecting the dummies. The rest of the time we spent on getting her to calm down and practice behaving. She is still a pup and it’s not an easy task for her to contain the energy and excitement.

Two Black Friends – Nova & Quick

The two black friends that I have mentioned in earlier posts also had the chance to run today. Well, at least one of them. Quick, who has a bit more experience, also got a bit more difficult track than Cleo. There was even a water obstacle. Unlike the other two, Nova relaxed and watched the other dogs.

The New Friend – Juni

Quick and Nova have a new family member who also joined today. Who can resist a small pup like Juni? She was really adorable and a bit easier to photograph as she did not run as fast as the bigger dogs.

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  1. picpholio

    Lovely shot of these working dogs. For more than 23 years I had Golden Retreivers in my live. They steal your heart and their will to please is increadible. Take good care of them 🙂

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