Trixie and Cleo, Lake Gisesjön, Västerljung, Sweden

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Lake Gisesjön

I headed down to Vagnhärad today to drop off a few things for our upcoming move in a few months. While I was there I took the opportunity to join my parents and their two Golden Retrievers, Trixie and Cleo, to Lake Gisesjön outside of Västerljung. The sun has been shining today and it really felt like spring had arrived here in Sweden. Lake Gisesjön was still covered in ice, but the ice was really singing today. You know that sound it makes when the large sheet of ice is starting to move. Sadly the forces here will probably never be so strong that the ice will crack. Instead, it will slowly melt away.

We followed the wet and icy hiking paths for a few hundred meters before heading into the forest to let the dogs practice collecting dummies. The energy and happiness of Cleo, the young one and the daughter of Trixie, when she gets to run is hard to miss. Also Trixie, the lady of these two, had plenty of energy to burn off today. For my part, the challenge was to be able to catch any of them on a photo when they ran or rather flew, between the trees.

If you want to find more photos of happy and playful Golden Retrievers, have a look at the links below from earlier training sessions.

And without further ado, let’s take a look at today’s photos. We will let you enjoy them in quiet, without any further comments.

Cleo in Action at Lake Gisesjön

Trixie in Action

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  1. Louise Salmone

    Elles sont chouettes ces photos de ces chiennes pleines de vie et de joie, merci beaucoup / They are great these photos of these female dogs full of life and joy, thank you very much

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