A Golden’s Happy Moments, Trixie & Cleo, Snowy Vagnhärad II

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo in Snowy Vagnhärad II

Welcome back to a snowy Vagnhärad! As we wrote yesterday, we have been back in the small locality of Vagnhärad for a few days while visiting my parents. This is not only the home of my parents, but also their two Golden Retrievers, Trixie and Cleo. Six-year-old Trixie is the mother of the 7-month-old Cleo. Cleo is actually the one and only pup for Trixie.

Off these two ladies, it is the younger Cleo who is full of energy and happy to play around in the snow. As it is her first winter, she is not used to this amount of snow. Either way, Cleo is more than happy to get out and play. Trixie is a bit more reserved and keeps her calm.

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Snowy Vagnhärad

Many of the fields in and around Vagnhärad are covered by more than 20 centimetres of fine snow. Most of this snow came during the heavy snowfall we experienced earlier in the week. It snowed during most of Thursday and left many of us to spend parts of Friday digging out cars from under the snow. Once the snowfall subsided the temperature dropped and this morning our thermometers showed around -15 degrees Celsius. Luckily, the sun was able to heat up this part of Sweden during the day.

A Golden’s Happy Moments

Today we visited a field next to the river Trosaån. The field is for most parts untouched, which gave some great opportunities for nice photos with the two ladies in action. Well, mostly with Cleo in action.

What will follow now is several of the photos from today. All photos are unedited and we will let you enjoy them without any further comments.

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  1. Megala

    Beautiful shots! They both look so adorable. 🙂

  2. Elaelgry

    Klik dobry:)
    Ależ urocza zabawa w śnieżnym puchu.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  3. vinneve

    So cute dogs! They surely had some fun.

  4. picpholio

    Goldens are great dogs, I had also a few Golden Retreivers. They where excelent compagnions during my hikes. We also traveled with them (camping, renting appartment and even hotel).
    Now I have no more dogs.
    Kind regards,

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