A Golden’s Happy Moments, Trixie & Cleo, Slinderskogen

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Trixie & Cleo at Slinderskogen

The snow has melted and the green foliage has started to appear here in Sweden. Most of the time the temperature stays above freezing. Most importantly, the days are getting longer and the sunshine actually feels warm. Today I took the opportunity to once more join my mother and her friends when they headed out to exercise and train their dogs. This time at Slinderskogen, a forest just outside of Vagnhärad. Seven dogs in total, with Trixie and Cleo being my mother’s contribution

The dogs took turns in retrieving different dummies about a hundred meters from their starting location. It really is impressive to see how well the dogs manage the task. For myself, I was not only there to take photos. Apparently I was also a perfect distraction about halfway to the target, something the dogs mostly managed well.

Cleo in Action at Slinderskogen

Cleo is a one-year-old pup golden retriever. She was the only pup of Trixie and really has a lot of energy. She might be less experienced than the other dogs, but that she makes up with the most spectacular jumps. Yes, when taking photos I don’t really mind if they find the target, as long as they do something fun along the route.

Trixie in Action at Slinderskogen

The soon to be 7-year-old Trixie is the mother of Cleo and a lot more experienced. Even though she mostly runs like a low flying projectile, she sometimes flies over the branches in the same way as Cleo.

Two Black Friends – Quick & Nova

As mentioned, there were five more dogs out there today and I’m still trying to learn how to take good photos of black dogs. It just seems impossible sometimes to get the right focus, not to mention all the other aspects to take into account. Well, it is always fun with a challenge and I would say that it gets better and better.

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  1. Sally

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    We have had two Golden Retrievers. They are beautiful dogs. 🤗

  2. Emerson

    We loved your directness and humor in the writing. And, the dog action photos were great fun. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks!

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