Exploring Småland

Småland, the small lands, lies in south-eastern Sweden. Three counties make up the province: Jönköping, Kalmar, and Kronoberg. The first people arrived in the area at least by 6000 BC. Back in the day, Småland was the southernmost part of Sweden, and Kalmar – on the Baltic Sea coast – was one of the most important cities in the country. In modern times the largest city is Jönköping, on the southern tip of lake Vättern.

IKEA has its roots in Småland. Ingvar Kamprad started his business in the town Älmhult in 1943. The region is often present in Astrid Lindgren’s world-famous stories for children – she was born in Vimmerby, Kalmar County. Another famous Swede, Carl Linnaeus, also came from Småland. Perhaps that is the reason why linnaea (twinflower) is the province’s flower.

Largest City: Jönköping
Province Flower: “Linnea”, twinflower (Linnaea borealis)
Province Animal: Eurasian otter

Places to Explore in Småland



Gamleby, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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Gladhammar, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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Exploring Sweden, Gränna, Småland


Ljungby, Småland, Exploring Sweden
Lunds By, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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Oskarshamn, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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Skillingaryd, Småland, Exploring Sweden
Exploring Sweden, Smålandsstenar, Småland
Värnamo, Småland, Exploring Sweden
Västervik, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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Överum, Småland, Exploring Sweden
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