Bröms, Småland, Exploring Sweden

Bröms, Småland – Exploring Sweden

Right at what was once the border between Denmark and Sweden is the small settlement of Bröms. This is today the border between the Swedish provinces of Blekinge and Småland. It is the small local stream Brömsebäck that makes up this historical border. To its north is the farm Bröms in Småland and a bit further south is the settlement of Brömsebro in Blekinge. This is for Sweden an important historical place, where history once was written and one of the many wars with Denmark came to an end. The population might be small and split between two counties and two municipalities, but the history that began here is part of the reason why the small stream is no longer a national border.

A Short History of Bröms

The stream here, Brömsebäck, was the border between Sweden and Denmark until 1658 and the Peace Treaty of Roskilde. But Bröms, or Brömsebro, is most famous for the Peace Treaty of Brömsebro in 1645. This peace ended the 2-year-long war between Sweden and Denmark-Norway. The delegations had their camps on either side of the stream and came to the conclusion that Sweden gained possession of the provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen as well as the islands of Gotland and Ösel. At this time there was no settlement here named Brömsebro, only the bridge. The settlement of Brömsebro was established first in 1899 around a new railway station a few kilometers away.

Things to Do and See

The first thing most people arriving in Bröms will find is the rest stop along the road E22 as well as a farm with a farm shop selling local products. Only a few hundred meters away is the stream and the border between the two historical provinces. This is a part of the Swedish countryside that has a lot to tell.

For anyone interested in maps or history this is a stop that just has to happen when visiting the area. Walking along the stream, imagining the historical impact that it once had, during those centuries when it was a national border. Or standing next to the memorial stone of the peace treaty and wondering how it must have looked when the two delegations stood here and changed a large part of the European map.

Fredsstenen i Bröms

The memorial stone of the Peace Treaty of Brömsebro stands on an islet in the stream Brömsebäck. The stone was raised in 1915, during the First World War, as a memory of the peace of 1645. The text on the stone mentions the signatories of the peace, Axel Oxenstierna of Sweden, Corfitz Ulfeldt of Denmark-Norway, and the peace broker de la Thuillerie of France.


Brömsebäck is the stream creating the border. It is today possible to walk a few hundred meters along the shores of the stream, along a path leading towards Brömsehus.


Brömsehus was once a Danish fortress but is today nothing more than the Danish pastry you had bought for a fika a few days ago. The fortress is believed to have been built in the 1360s and survived until 1436 when it was burned down by Swedish soldiers. Remains remained here up until the 19th century, but the fortress is today no longer visible. Instead, there is a large field, marking this historical site.

Bröms Tullkvarn

Bröms Tullkvarn is a mill with a long history. It was powered by the stream and its oldest predecessor is believed to have been standing here already in the 15th century. It was originally a watermill processing seed but was in the 1850s converted to a toll mill. This worked in such a way that the mill processed seeds from locals who brought their seeds to the mill and paid a fee for the service.

How to Get to Bröms

  • Flights: The closest airport is Kalmar Airport (KLR) 48 kilometers away. The airport has a few domestic routes as well as seasonal charter flights.
  • Car: Bröms is along road E22 between Bergkvara and Karlskrona.
  • Bus: Buses from Blekingetrafiken connect Bröms with the surrounding region.

The driving distance from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

  • Stockholm – 459 kilometers (5 h 6 min)
  • Gothenburg – 350 kilometers (4 h 26 min)
  • Malmö – 231 kilometers (2 h 38 min)
  • Linköping – 273 kilometers (3 h 27 min)
  • Kiruna – 1689 kilometers (19 h 7 min)

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