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Gränna, Småland – Exploring Sweden

Few places in Sweden are as associated with the thought of one single product as Gränna. The town lying next to lake Vättern is famous for its traditional sweet and that is the Polkagris. Once in town, it is really difficult to miss the stores selling the sweets because they are literally everywhere.

There is of course a lot more to see: the small charming streets and the view over lake Vättern make it a nice destination. We definitely recommend you drop by if you are traveling or are on vacation in the area of Småland.

A Short History of Gränna

The town of Gränna was founded in 1652 by count Per Brahe the Younger. The original name of the town was Brahe-Grenna.

There is no major event in the history of Gränna itself. But there is a lot more history to explore on the nearby island of Visingsö. Here was the residence of the Swedish Monarchy during the 12th and 13th centuries. Four kings died on the island during that period. They are Karl Sverkersson, Erik Knutsson, Johan Sverkersson and Magnus Ladulås. The island also had oak trees planted by the Swedish navy during the 19th century. This was to secure the availability of timber for future ship constructions. The issue that now has occurred is that the timber is ready, but there is a lack of ships being built of timber.

Interesting Sights and Places


This particular candy stick is what has made Gränna famous. A poor 35-year-old widow, Amalia Eriksson, invented the peppermint candy stick in Gränna in 1859. While in Gränna you will not only have the possibility to taste these hard sweets but you can see how they are made. There are several small shops around the town and most of these are making their own sweets and it is all on display for you to see.


In the middle of lake Vättern – Sweden’s second largest lake – you will find the island of Visingsö. This island has historic importance in Sweden. While either walking, cycling, or taking a horse ride around the island you will have the possibility to enjoy all the sights, the nature, and the water that is all around.


Three kilometers north of Gränna is the castle ruin of Brahehus. The castle was built for Count Per Brahe the Younger in the 17th century. The ruin itself is quite small, but it is on such a spot that it offers a great view over lake Vättern. Standing 180 meters above the lake, it is possible to see far in the distance.

Going to Gränna?

Do you want to travel to Gränna? Here are a few means of going there:

Car: Gränna is situated just next to the highway E4, with Jönköping to the south and Linköping to the north.
Bus: There are several regional and local buses going to and from the town.
Flights: The closest airport is in Jönköping a bit to the south.

The driving distance to Gränna from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

Stockholm – 291 kilometers (2 h 41 min)
Gothenburg – 186 kilometers (1 h 52 min)
Malmö – 327 kilometers (3 h 3 min)
Luleå – 1188 kilometers (11 h 25 min)
Linköping – 96 kilometers (56 min)

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