Gleo, Pilskogen, Vagnhärad, Sweden

A Golden’s Happy Moments – Cleo at Pilskogen

It is several months since I last time joined my mother and her dogs out in the forest. Today it was time for her 2-year-old Golden Retriever Cleo to practice and enjoy some time in the wild. Little A and I joined them at Pilskogen, a forest outside of Vagnhärad. It was a few degrees below zero and just a thin layer of snow on the ground.

It was not only Cleo that got to play today. Little A was more than happy to explore the forest and climb the large boulders. Considering the very nice weather, it was the perfect day to spend some time out in nature. Yes, it was rather cold but the sun was actually shining today. That is something we all agreed with, especially Cleo.

Cleo at Pilskogen: Photos

Here is a pick of the photos from today. No more comments, just enjoy.

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