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Trosa, during wintertime a small sleeping town at the Baltic sea. During summer the whole town suddenly wakes up and becomes a bustling meeting point. People arrive in masses; city dwellers come looking for some peace and quiet at their summer cabins in the area, and foreigners visiting the town on their vacation to Sweden. With the nickname “Världens ände” – translated from Swedish to mean the world’s end – this charming coastal town attracts visitors of the more unknown kind as well as the cultural elite. Don’t be surprised if you run into the Swedish prince Carl Philip or one of the guys from ABBA in the queue at the supermarket. Word has it that they are all very sympathetic people.


Trosa – A Short History

Trosa is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and it was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1279. The area has been populated for much longer, history buffs can enjoy the local rune stones. The town has traditionally been an important centre of commerce. The main source of income in Trosa has traditionally been fishery. This has in later years been changed to tourism. The picturesque town with its colourful wooden buildings and narrow cobblestoned alleys and streets attracts a lot of people from near and afar. With the town being located only one hour from Stockholm it’s an accessible option for a weekend getaway.


A rune stone near Trosa

Things to Do in Trosa

The town itself is quite small, in the center there is a square with the old town hall. Continuing on the old streets towards the harbor you will find some of the older houses in Trosa. The majority of the buildings in the center of the town are built in wood. There is also a river flowing through the town before emptying in the Baltic sea. So the main activity in the center of the town is walking around while enjoying the tranquility and the charming views. Don’t forget to buy an ice cream during your stroll!



Trosa Town Hall

When in Trosa one has the opportunity to pay a visit to the beautiful the archipelago. It is easily accessible either by boat or by walking or cycling out on the island of Edanö. This is where you will also find Trosa havsbad, one of the main beaches in the area.

It is the combination of the archipelago together with the picturesque small town that makes Trosa worth visiting. It is far away from major traffic and there is an air of tranquility that is not possible to find in many other town and cities. So make sure to stroll around and enjoy the calm atmosphere instead of stressing around trying to see everything.

Here’s a short list of sights that are worth a visit:

  • Town hall and town square
  • The harbor
  • Tullgarn Castle (Not really part ofTrosa, but a nice castle not too far away)

Do also consider to see parts of neighboring Vagnhärad with the royal waiting hall at the train station as well as several rune stones around in the area.


Events in Trosa

One good idea is to plan a visit to Trosa during the summer. There are three main annual events to keep in mind if you plan a trip there during the summer months. However, there are a lot more being arranged during the summer months.

Trosa Marknad

The annual market day is a day when the town’s streets are crowded with people and stalls. Unlike most European markets, it’s not a food market. Sure, you might find a sausage or two here. Actually the elk sausage is well worth a try. However, you are much more likely to find people and smaller companies selling everything from socks to handicraft.


As is the case with most of Sweden, midsummer is something special in this coastal town. There are several places in the area where you can find a midsummer pole to dance around. One of the larger of the festivities are held a few kilometers outside of Trosa in the village of Västerljung. Here you will find everything from the midsummer pole, stalls selling coffee and the traditional “kobingo” – a kind of bingo where you have a small enclosure that is split into squares with numbers in them. Then you let a cow in and wait for it to do its business. If you’re lucky the cow will do its thing in your square.

Trosa Stadslopp

The last weekend of June is important for the townspeople and it is also a time when many of the people who grew up in the area return home for a weekend. The main attraction during this weekend is running. Trosa Stadslopp in first of all a 8,9 kilometer long running race that usually welcomes several hundred participants. But it is also a big party with spectators along most of the track and festivities that continue long into the night. We have both participated in the race and can warmly recommend it to all you runners out there!


Getting to Trosa

The driving distance to Trosa from 5 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

From Stockholm – 72 kilometers (54 min)
From Gothenburg – 416 kilometers (4 h 19 min)
From Malmö – 565 kilometers (5 h 46 min)
From Luleå – 968 kilometers (11 h 8 min)
From Linköping – 145 kilometers (1 h 35 min)

  • By car – take the E4 exit at Vagnhärad and drive the last 10 kilometers towards Trosa.
  • By train – take either the train from Norrköping or Nyköping towards Stockholm or the train from Stockholm or Södertälje towards Norrköping and get off in Vagnhärad. From here you will be able to take one of the local green buses to Trosa.
  • By bus – there are local buses going from Nyköping and Södertälje as well as one long distance bus going from Liljeholmen in Stockholm.



Do You Want to Know More About Trosa?

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