Skarpnåtö, Exploring Åland, Finland

Skarpnåtö – Exploring Åland

Skarpnåtö is a settlement and peninsula in Hammarland Municipality on the Åland Islands. The settlement has around 20 year-round inhabitants, but the population increases many times during the summer months. In addition, the peninsula is home to the homestead museum Skarpnåtö Hembygdsgård and the bicycle ferry M/S Silvana.

A Short History of Skarpnåtö

Skarpnåtö gained recognition in the 1970s. This was when the Finnish TV series “Stormskärs Maja” was filmed on the Åland Islands with the farmstead Södergårds in Skarpnåtö as one of the main filming locations. This Swedish-speaking TV series was broadcast not only in Finland, but also in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The gained popularity meant that the old farmstead from the early 18th century became the new homestead museum or Skarpnåtö Hembygdsgård as it is known in Swedish. Tourism has become an important income for the settlement and has included further development such as the bicycle ferry that runs the summer route to Hällö since 1982.

Things to Do and See

During the summer months, there is a lot to enjoy here on the peninsula. The water is never far away for swimming or fishing and there is a lot of nature to enjoy. The main sight is otherwise the farmstead Södergårds, the local homestead museum. For cycling tourists and locals there is also the summertime ferry M/S Silvana that significantly shortens the distance to the northern parts of the Åland Islands.

Skarpnåtö Hembygdsgård

Skarpnåtö Hembygdsgård, or the homestead museum, has a long history to tell. This is a former farmstead dating back to the early 18th century. It became known as one of the main filming locations of the Finnish TV series “Stormskärs Maja”.

M/S Silvana

M/S Silvana is a bicycle ferry that connects Skarpnåtö with Hällö in Geta Municipality. The small ferry has been running during the summer months since 1982 and significantly shortens the distance and travel time. The driving distance around these bodies of water is around 50 kilometers.

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How to Get to Skarpnåtö

  • Flights: The closest airport is Mariehamn Airport (MHQ), the main airport for the island.
  • Car: Skarpnåtö lies along countryside roads in the northwestern part of the Åland Island. To Reach it from Mariehamn you will have to drive west along Road 1 before turning north in Hammarland.
  • Ferry: M/S Silvana is a bike ferry that connects Skarpnåtö with Hällö, to the north in Geta Municipality.

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