Lemböte, Lemland, Exploring Åland

Lemböte – Exploring Åland

One of the more magical things about the Åland Islands is the nature and how all the sights on the islands have been integrated into nature. This is also one of the reasons that some of them are a bit harder to find. One of these hard-to-find-places is the Chapel Ruin in Lemböte. It is really hidden and you will probably believe that you have taken a wrong turn somewhere when driving on the small roads leading to the ruin. The area is very peaceful, and it’s the perfect place for a quiet stroll or a picnic in the woods.

The chapel is believed to have been built in the 13th or 14th century. The construction is made of red granite – the most typical rock type on the Åland Islands. During the time of construction, there was a sailing route between Blekinge (now a part of southern Sweden, but at the time belonging to Denmark) and Reval (nowadays Tallinn). This route passed Lemböte on the Åland Islands. A natural harbor was available just below the hill where the chapel was later built.

The Protestant Reformation that occurred in the 16th century led to the closure of the chapel. It was the start of the chapel’s disintegration. The building was left in ruins until the 1880’s when the first work to restore the chapel began. A wooden roof was built to protect the ruins. The chapel today looks like a small house, where only parts of the walls are from the old chapel.

In the summertime, regular services are arranged at the chapel.

How to get there

Lemböte is located in Lemland and the easiest way to get to the Lemböte chapel ruins is by bike or car. Drive on road 3 towards Lumparland and turn right towards Lemböte onto Lembötesvägen. Then you just need to follow the signs leading you to the historical sight. Once you reach the parking lot, there is just to continue walking a few hundred meters until you see the trail leading up to the forest on your left side. If you take the trail on your right at the same place, you will reach the old natural harbor.

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