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Djävulsberget – Sights on Åland

The Åland Islands might nowadays belong to Finland, but the islands have changed owners a few times in history. Once upon a time, this group of islands was in the center of the Kingdom of Sweden. Then, a war or two later, it was the westernmost outpost of the Russian Empire. It was during the Russian era that the construction of an impressive fortress began. This was the Fortress of Bomarsund and one of its outposts was Djävulsberget – or the Devil’s Mountain.


In English, the name of this hilltop would be the Devil’s Mountain. Russia began the construction of the Fortress of Bomarsund in 1830. There were great plans for the fortress and the area surrounding it. Several outposts were planned around the main fortress. One of these was a tower at the highest point in the area – the hill with the name “Djävulsberget”, 62 meters above sea level.

A few of the outposts were almost completed and visitors can explore their ruins today. Two of these towers are visible from Djävulsberget, these are the Tower of Notviken and the Tower of Brännklint.

The construction at Djävulsberget was never finished. British and French troops destroyed the fortress during the Crimean War, in 1854, before its completion. Before the fortress’ fall the only finished part of the outpost was the road to the top as well as other preparations of the site. Because of this, there is no construction at Djävulsberget today for visitors to see. There is, however, one of the best views in the area.

Finding Your Way

Djävulsberget is in Sund, in the northern part of the main island. It is within walking distance from the other parts of the fortifications. If you come from Mariehamn, the area is reachable both by bike and by car. There is a small gravel road leading up to the site – keep your eyes open for a small green sign saying Djävulsberget.

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