Miramarparken, Mariehamn, Sights on Åland

Miramarparken – Sights on Åland

Miramarparken is a centrally located park in the city of Mariehamn, the main city on the Åland Islands. The park lies along the eastern coast of the city and is commonly used for local events. It neighbors both the Mariehamn Public Library and the Alandica Culture and Congress. Within the park, you will find a green field with a few sculptures, but also a playground and a skateboard park. But it is the amphitheater and its scene that is mainly used for the events that take place here.

Find Your Way to Miramarparken

Miramarparken lies in the northeastern part of the center of Mariehamn, just a short walk from the main square or the main commercial street Torggatan. The street is circulated by the streets Strandgatan, Nygatan, Österleden, and Styrmansgatan.

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