Skarpnåtö Pier, Sights on Åland

Skarpnåtö Pier – Sights on Åland

Skarpnåtö Pier is in the small settlement of Skarpnåtö in Hammarland Municipality on the Åland Islands. The pier has since 1982 been home to the small ferry M/S Silvana, a bicycle ferry that during the summer months runs the route between Skarpnåtö and Hällö in Geta Municipality to the north. The crossing takes only 25 minutes and covers a distance of around 5 kilometers. That is in comparison to driving around the many fjards that will take almost an hour by car and be 10 times as long. This part of the Åland island has many large peninsulas separated by fjards. A fjard, or “fjärd” in Swedish, is an open space of water that separates islands, peninsulas, or the mainland within an archipelago.

Find Your Way to Skarpnåtö Pier?

The pier and M/S Silvana are in the municipality of Hammarland. If you start from Mariehamn, then you will most likely want to continue west along Road 1, towards Eckerö. When entering Hammarland you will see a sign to the right that will guide you to Skarpnåtö, which at that location is 16 kilometers away. Along this road, you will also pass by Postad and Sålis. When in Skarpnåtö you will find the pier in the eastern part of the settlement, along the eastern shores of the peninsula.

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