Exploring Västmanland will take you along the cities and fields along the shores of Lake Mälaren to the old ironworks and mines of Bergslagen. Lake Mälaren is the third-largest lake in Sweden and at its shores, you will find the city of Västerås as well as many smaller localities. The province also has a shorter piece of the shores of Lake Hjälmaren, the country’s fourth-largest. In the eastern part, known historically as Mälardalen, you will mostly find farmland and smaller settlements with a long farming history. It is in the west that you will find Bergslagen, the area with ironworks and mines that has a long industrial history.

Five things to look for when visiting Södermanland:

  • City life of Västerås
  • Small towns
  • Historical ironworks
  • Historical mines
  • Large forests

About Västmanland

Västmanland is another province situated in the center of the country. It has approximately 305.000 inhabitants and it today has parts within the counties of Västmanland, Örebro, and Dalarna. The name means “Western man land” and it refers to the people west of Uppland. The oldest town, Västerås, was formed around 990. Next up was Arboga, being chartered in the 12th century.

Largest City: Västerås
Province Flower: “Mistel”, mistletoe (Viscum album)
Province Animal: Roe deer

Exploring Västmanland

There are many ways to explore Västmanland. Even though the car might be needed to access many of the more remote areas, there are great public transport here that will make it possible to explore a lot without much effort. If you are more adventurous there are many countryside roads that are good for cycling and there are also several both short and longer hiking trails throughout the province.

Our Top 5 Recommendations, Not to be Missed:

What not to miss when visiting Västmanland? There are plenty of historical towns, natural features, and more modern urban areas. These are the five places that we recommend you visit when traveling to Västmanland. Just remember, there are plenty more places worth a visit in this part of Sweden.

5. Nora

Nora is a town in Bergslagen and is considered to be one of the best-preserved wooden towns in Sweden. Here you will find what was once a center for the local iron trade. The central streets and the view of Lake Norasjön make this a very picturesque small town.

4. Sala

Best known for its historical silver mine, Sala is a town with a long history, and while many tourists mainly visit the silver mine there is a lot to explore also in the town itself. The town park and the central square are two of the main areas to explore when visiting this small town.

3. Norberg

At the center of historical mining communities is the town of Norberg. Its center is small but well worth visiting due to its small-town feeling. There is also several industrial sites in its vicinity to explore. This really is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about the mining history of Sweden.

2. Arboga

Arboga is in many ways the most picturesque town in the province. The Arboga River flows through the town and splitting it in two parks. It is this river that creates some of the charm of the town itself while exploring the small town center.

1. Västerås

The city of Västerås is the sixth-largest locality in Sweden. It is located on the shores of Lake Mälaren and offers a mix between modern city life and historical sights. On its outskirts, there are sights such as Anundshög, the largest burial mound in Sweden that is adjoined by several stone ships and other ancient remains. There is also the Vallby Open-Air Museum and much more to explore. When looking closer to the city center you will find the cathedral, the castle, the Vasa Park, and the Svartån River.

Places to Explore in Västmanland

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