Herröskatan, Exploring Åland

Herröskatan – Exploring Åland

The Åland Islands are famous for its great nature. There are so many nature reserves that offer great hiking with sea view and swimming possibilities. One of these is Herröskatan in Lemland, the most southern point of mainland Åland.


Herröskatan’s official name is Herrö kronoholme and is owned by the regional government of the Åland Islands. The area became a nature reserve in 1987. Herröskatan has a rich flora with many common and uncommon plants. During the migrating season, it is a haven for several bird species.

There are ruins and remnants still visible from the areas past. Fortifications were raised during the time the islands belonged to Russia (1809-1917) as well during the second world war (1939-1945).

Hiking Trail

From the parking lot at the entrance to Herröskatan, you find a walking trail that takes you to the bird watchtower furthest out in the reserve and back. It is supposed to be 1.6 kilometers long, but there are multiple paths to take and the distance might wary. The walk does, however, take you through the beautiful nature and give you great views of the sea. While hiking in the area, you might come across both wildlife as well as grazing livestock. During our visit, we came really close to a deer.

Bird Watchtower – Herrö fågeltorn

At the furthest end of the hiking trail, you find Herrö fågeltorn – the bird watchtower. The tower was erected in 1980 by the regional government and its objective is to help visitors enjoy the Åland Archipelago and birdlife.

To the south, you see Björkör’s archipelago (Björkörs skärgård). In fact, that one is the largest nature reserve on the Åland Islands. You also see Lågskär’s lighthouse to the southwest. Having been built in 1920, the lighthouse was one of the first ones in the world to introduce a rotating gas lighting device.

Going to Herröskatan

It is possible to go to Herröskatan by both car and bike. From Mariehamn, take Lemlandsvägen (road 3). Turn right onto Mölnbackavägen and continue until you reach Flaka. In Flaka turn left onto Herrövägen and you will find a parking area at the road’s end.

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