Getabergen, Exploring Åland

Getabergen – Exploring Åland

Getabergen – the hills of Geta – are a group of hills in the northwestern part of the Åland Islands. This area is filled with hiking path and great views. It’s the perfect place for taking the time with the forest around you and enjoying the fresh air from the sea.


Getabergen consists of four peaks. These are Fågelberget (50 m), Husklint (15 m), Kasberget (99 m), and Signildskrubba (5 m). In other words, we are not talking about really high peaks here.

One of the walking tracks is called Grottstigen. In English, it means the Cave Path. It starts at the Restaurant Soltuna and continues for 5 kilometers. The walk is quite difficult and takes about 2-3 hours. This trail has a fair bit of history as well. During the Great Northern War in the 18th century, Stefan Löfving hid in these very caves. And who was this man, you may ask? Well, he was one of the most famous partisans during the war and his task was to spy for the Swedish army as well as recruit new members.

Another hiking trail in Getabergen is Trollstigen or the Troll Path. This short walk is aimed at children and it tells the story about all the trolls and giants who live in the forest.

It’s fairly difficult to find information about Getabergen and the different hiking trails in Geta online. Here is a short summary in Swedish.

Geta Utsiktstorn

Getabergen is surrounded by forest. This means that the trees limit much of the spectacular view over the Baltic Sea. Fortunately, there are some exceptions. At the end of a small gravel road, you find Geta Utsiktstorn – a watchtower. This gives one of the best possibilities to get a view out over the Baltic Sea as well as the surroundings of Getabergen.

Soltuna and the Rest of Geta

We would, of course, recommend a picnic out here, but for those who cannot there are also other possibilities. At Getabergen you will find Soltuna Restaurang & Cafe in case you are in need of a bite.

If you are visiting Geta, we also think you should test some of the other hiking trails. Another interesting attraction is the local stone church that originates from the 15th century. The church is dedicated to Saint George.

Finding Your Way

From Mariehamn, we would recommend you to go north along road 2 to Godby. At Godby, you turn left and head along road 4 to Geta. Once in Geta, look at a sign to your right for Soltuna. It would be the same route both with the car and by bike. Remember that it might be a quite long bike ride.

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