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The Åland islands have many great spots where you can enjoy a swim. One of these beaches is Flunderviken on Möckelö in Jomala. In fact, on the Åland Islands there are both official beaches as well as smaller sites where you will have the area in more privacy. The official beaches are controlled by the authorities.

We found a very nice place for swimming in the Baltic Sea. It’s at Flunderviken, just a short walk through the forest from Möckelövägen. Actually, it seems to be one of the more secluded beaches we have seen that is not a private one. Möckelö is also within only a short car ride from Mariehamn.

Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland, Baltic Sea, Finland

About the Swimming Spot at Flunderviken

After a short walk along a path through the woods, you will be greeted by the sea and the bay Flunderviken. There are cliffs but they don’t require much climbing. Of course, you still need to mind your step before finding this great spot where you can enjoy the sun, a picnic or just a moment of silence by the sea.

These cliffs are located along the side of the shallow bay. This offers a great opportunity to walk down in the water as it is not instantly getting deep. You can swim with kids here but you need to be careful. Initially, the seafloor is covered with stones, before turning into a nice sandy beach.

Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland
Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland, Jomala, Möckelö
Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland, Östersjön

Find Your Way

This might not be the easiest place to find, but it is not impossible. While driving at Möckelövägen you will eventually get to a small spot along the road where it is possible to park. This place only fits 3-4 cars.

Once parked, it is just to follow the small path at the left side of the parking until you reach Flunderviken. It is not handicap accessible, but still easy to walk.

Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland
Swimming spot, Möckelövägen, Sights on Åland

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