Ramsholmen – Sights on Åland

One of the things everyone going to Åland should do is enjoy the nature. Ramsholmen is a nature reserve located only a few kilometers from Mariehamn. Here you can take a walk around the reserve to appreciate the green and lushy nature, with flowers everywhere during the summertime and a mirrorlike sea on calm days. There is a path (approximately two kilometers in length) leading visitors around the park and the view there is absolutely outstanding. Looking for a place where you can have a run? This one will do! If it’s peace and quiet that your yearning for – then look no further!

The area is famous among birdwatchers. We do not know much about birds, but if you are lucky, you might see a majestic swan or two. During certain periods in the summer, there are cows roaming freely in the park. That’s enough wildlife for us city-dwellers!

Ramsholmen Åland

There are spots in the reserve for having a picnic – you may choose whether you want a bench or if the grass is good enough for you. There are also designated areas where one can have a barbecue. Swimming is – as far as we know – permitted. However, the water is quite shallow (not to mention cold), so this is not the best of beaches.

Ramsholmen has almost never failed us when it comes offering an unforgettable scenery. During our multiple visits, we have had the luck to revel in amazing sunsets and beds of faintly scented and colorful flowers. Mind you, picking flowers is not permitted.

Ramsholmen Åland

Vitsippa (Anemone nemorosa) – a sign of spring

Getting there

The easiest way to get to Ramsholmen is to either drive or cycle, it is around 6 kilometers to Ramsholmen from Mariehamn and it is located right off the main road.

More information

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