Kobba Klintar, Exploring Åland, Finland

Kobba Klintar – Exploring Åland

When you are on the ferry crossing the Baltic Sea, there is one particular object that tells you that you will soon be in Mariehamn. On the first islets that catch your attention, one of the very first glimpses of land, there is a house and a small pyramid. What you see is Kobba Klintar, an old station for maritime pilots. They stayed on the tiny islet to assist incoming traffic.

Today you do not find any pilots here, the boats and ferries can navigate on their own. They all pass by. Instead, Kobba Klintar is a small and cozy guest harbor as well as a small cafe. On a nice summer day, this is a perfect spot to enjoy the Åland archipelago. You are not only able to see the islands that make up the furthest end of the Åland islands, but you also have a view out over the Baltic Sea.

Kobba Klintar: What to See and Do?

There are a few buildings on the island and quite a lot to do even considering its size. The main building houses the large fog horn. The hot bulb engine that pumps up the pressure in the fog horn still works and during high season visitors have the chance to experience what it sounds like. It’s loud!

Another interesting object is the replica of the old beacon from the 1860s. The original was demolished in the 1950s. It stands next to the main house where you also find the small cafe that is run by volunteers. There are also some interesting sculptures on the island.

What else is there to see? Sometimes the most amazing sight is not an actual object. From Kobba Klinter you will have an unobstructed view out over the sea towards Sweden. Here you see as far as the horizon lets you. If you are lucky to be there at the time when one of the ferries heading for Stockholm or Turku is passing by, you might have the opportunity to view the ferry disappearing at the horizon. One thing related to the large ferries, these pass by just a few meters from the island. When standing so close to them you feel how big these boats are.

Kobba Klintar: How to Get There?

Kobba Klintar is located a short boat ride from Mariehamn. There is no other way to get there than either boat or swimming (if you are fit enough). You can go by your boat or ask a local to take you. Another option is to pick an arranged tour. Visit Åland has both an extended article about Kobba Klintar (here) as well as information and a booking page about excursions to the island (here). You will also find a lot more information about Kobba Klintar at Kobba Klintars Vänner (in Swedish), this is a volunteer organization for the preservation of the island.

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