On the Road 2017, Cochem, Germany, Mosel, Moselle

Cochem, Germany – On the Road 2017: Day 16

We left Saarburg this morning and continued north on our way back home to Sweden. Our trip started 16 days ago when we left Vagnhärad. We have seen several amazing places since in six countries and we still have a few days to go before the end of this road trip. Today we made sure to stop in the town of Cochem on our way to Lahnstein where we are staying for the night. We knew that Cochem would be a nice town to visit, but it did still surprise us with its beauty.

Cochem: a Gem Along the Mosel River

Cochem might be one of the most picturesque towns that we have visited on our trip. The town’s castle towers over the town. However, there’s more to see than just the castle, the town’s small and narrow streets are filled with small shops and restaurants. It is hard not to fall in love with a town like this.

We arrived at noon and it felt like luck was with us that we were able to find parking. There were so many cars everywhere and there were not many parking spots left. The sun was shining and this town probably sees a lot of tourists this time of the year. What is so special about Cochem? For us, there were three things that we especially liked. First, the castle overlooking the town. Few things can give a town a better character than a castle on a hill. Secondly, there was the river. The Mosel River offers a hint of the endless possibilities and the travel with no end. And third is the wine yards. There is something special with wine yards stretching up the hills and a town that can offer its own wine.

Cochem: A New Hill to Conquer and the Reichsburg Cochem

The sun was shining today, but it was not too hot. This meant that we could once more take the opportunity to carry Little A in the baby carrier and easier explore Cochem. After entering the town we made our way towards the Reichsburg Cochem – or the Cochem Castle. The castle is located on top of a hill, overlooking both the town and the Mosel River. The castle is also surrounded by wine yards that are covering the sides of the hill. As we have mentioned before, we usually don’t enter castles. This was also the case today. However, we really enjoyed the amazing view, a good reward for that climb. We also wanted to be back down in the town again in case Little A started to be dissatisfied with the baby carrier. It has happened multiple times before.

Once back in town we walked around enjoying the small and narrow streets. At the same time, we looked for somewhere to eat lunch. We opted for a Greek restaurant and sat down to enjoy some gyros. At this time Little A had also fallen in sleep in the baby carrier. That is something that we are not used to.

After our Greek lunch, we bought a local bottle of white wine and headed back to our car. It was time to drive the last hour to Lahnstein where we are staying for the night.

Up Next: Koblenz

After our trip to Cochem, we took the chance to enjoy some city life in Koblenz. This beautiful old city is really close to Lahnstein, where we are now. More about Koblenz tomorrow, now it’s time to call it a day.

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  1. Sudhir Chauhan

    Germany is a beautiful country…. I have lived in Hamburg and liked it a lot…..

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