a world traveler in the making

A World Traveler in the Making

About ten weeks ago we became parents. I think most parents can relate to the fact that the change is immense, and our lives feel very different now. As I write this, Little A peacefully sleeps next to me and little does she know what we have in store for her. If it’s up to her parents, this girl will become a world traveler. One of the first things we did was to get her a passport. There are many things I (and probably also Jesper) want to teach her; one of them is to appreciate the world and everything in it. People, languages, different cultures… traveling is education!

As we both love traveling, it’s probably no secret that our intention is to keep on exploring despite this recent change. Of course, we are aware of the need to do some adjustments as far as destinations and means of transport are concerned but that everything is possible. To stop traveling altogether is not an option.

Some things we will learn on the way. We actually bought a new carrycot/stroller in order to travel more smoothly. The first one we got is good but didn’t fit into our car. Flexibility is another aspect that we need to take into account. Everything takes much longer now and we need to consider all sorts of unexpected things.

At least Little A seems to enjoy traveling. She happily sleeps in the car and she didn’t mind the ferry either. In fact, her first ever trip abroad went very smoothly and soon she’ll be on her way again!

Hey little world traveler; ready, steady, go!

world traveler
The passports are ready. It’s soon time to get some vaccines and then we’re one step closer to conquering the world.
world traveler
At the ferry terminal, ready for the first trip abroad. Finland calling! 
world traveler, vaxholm
Trying domestic travel with daddy. This time in Vaxholm, Sweden. Apparently, Vaxholm was not the place to be.
world traveler, vaxholm
Trying domestic travel with daddy. This time in Vaxholm, Sweden. Apparently, Vaxholm was not the place to be.
world traveler
Cars are good for sleeping. Krteček is a gift from Uncle D and he is there to remind us all of our time in Slovakia.
world traveler, norttälje
Taking a walk in Norrtälje, Sweden. 
world traveler, norrtälje
Taking a walk in Norrtälje, Sweden. 

Do you have a little world traveler at home? What are your tips for traveling with infants and/or young children?

In order to accommodate this life change, we have a new category: Baby Travels. We will certainly update it a lot in the near future. The photos in this blog post are the result of me playing with my phone. Please excuse the poor(ish) quality. 

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  1. Mapping The Map

    Contrats on the new family member and your enthusiasm on showing her the world. I am sure she is going to learn a lot and that now you will see the world with new eyes.

    1. Jesper

      Thank you, we sure hope so 🙂

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