On the Road 2017, Lahnstein, Germany

Lahnstein, Germany – On the Road 2017: Day 17

It is now 17 days since we left Sweden. 17 days we have been on the road. We are currently packing our things again here in Lahnstein to continue north. But I wanted to get to know the town where we are staying and went on a morning walk here in Lahnstein. Unfortunately, we did not have time for it yesterday after getting back from Koblenz, so I thought why not do it in the morning instead?

Lahnstein: a Morning Walk

While walking through the town it is possible to catch a few glimpses of the past. Parts of the town wall are still standing, and there is also an old tower. There are quite a few old houses, creating a nice atmosphere when walking through the central streets. It is, however, not the most touristic town to visit. The streets are filled with commuters, probably leaving for Koblenz, and there are very few bakeries or shops open in the morning for anyone looking for breakfast.

The best part of the walk was for sure the view out over the Rhine River. While walking along its banks you get a great view of the castle of Stolzenfels across the river. The lingering morning mist made the river valley almost shine on the other river bank.

Lahnstein: Our Stay with Airbnb

Here in Lahnstein, we have been staying in a room we found on Airbnb. Our host Mareike has a really nice house and the room has been really comfortable for this one night. Little A had enough room and Susann got her morning coffee. We even got to put a nail on the big world map, marking the home of all of Mareike’s Airbnb visitors. A really fun idea if you ask us and we made sure that Stockholm now has a nail. Maybe it would have been more fun to put the nail on the Åland Islands though.

We are now about to leave Mareike’s nice home and are continuing north towards Quedlinburg. We hope that you will have a great week ahead!

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