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Looking out over the strait of Färjsundet is the café and rest stop Uffe på Berget. If you translate the name into English, it means Uffe on the Mountain. If you should choose one place for admiring the view on the Åland Islands, this would probably be it. This is a common rest stop along the road from Mariehamn to some of the main attractions on the islands, including the Kastelholm Castle and the Bomarsund Fortress. The strait, Färjsundet, divides Åland into two parts. Historically, it was very difficult to cross the strait because of the high cliffs on the western side. The bridge, which is visible from the café, was erected in 1937. Interesting fact, the café and watchtower stand on top of the only tunnel on the Åland Islands.

The Café: Uffe på Berget

We usually don’t include businesses on our map, but Uffe på Berget is one of the main sights in the area and something that needs to be added. The café offers seating with an impressive view over the strait and the bridge crossing it. On a sunny day, you should definitely sit outside. There are few places more fitting to enjoy an Åland Pancake than this one.

The Watchtower: Höga C

If the view over the strait is not good enough from the cliffs, then there is the additional watchtower. Named “Höga C“, the tower reaches a height of 30 meters and makes it possible to look out over a large part of the Åland Islands. When driving along road 2, either from the south or across the Färjsund Bridge, the watchtower is the one construction that will most likely catch your eye.

How to Find Your Way to Uffe på Berget?

Uffe på Berget is on Road 2, north of Mariehamn and directly before you cross the bridge over the strait Färjesundet. There are signs and you usually see the high watchtower above the treetops. Once you do, keep an eye open for the sign and a road on your left. There is a big parking lot at the location.

Hey, Did You Know?

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