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Finström Church – Sights on Åland

Finström Church is in the village of Pålsböle and is one of the many medieval stone churches on the Åland Islands. The village and church lie to the northwest of Godby, the seat of the municipality. The church is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Finland.

Finström Church

Finström Church was inaugurated in the 13th century. This medieval stone church was once located at the shores of a bay, with access to the sea. Today it is watching out over the countryside with only smaller lakes nearby. The church is dedicated to Saint Michael, the archangel. It is today a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Find Your Way

The church can be found in the village of Pålsböle. It lies to the northwest of the commercial center of Godby. If you start in Mariehamn you will drive north to Godby along Road 2 before continuing a short distance along Road 4 towards Geta. When you have left Godby there will soon be an exit towards Pålsböle on your left. It is hard to miss the church once you have reached Pålsböle.

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