Finström Library, Sights on Åland

Finström Library – Sights on Åland

Finström Library, or Finströms Bibliotek as it is known in Swedish, is the public library of Finström Municipality. It is located within the premises of the elementary school Källbo Skola in the village of Godby. This is where you can find books, films, and music. But that is not all, there are frequently local exhibitions in the library.

Find Your Way to Finström Library

The library is in Godby, a village to the north of Mariehamn. You can reach Godby by driving north along Road 2. If you then follow the old road Godbyvägen you will find the library at Källbo Skola, between the sports center Ålands Idrotts Center and the commercial district with its two large grocery stores.

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