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Sofia, Bulgaria – A Start of the Autumn holidays

It was finally the autumn school break and we had been able to find an interesting trip for the three of us. With Little A going to school here in Sweden since August, we have been a bit more limited in regards to when we can travel. Yes, attending school is mandatory here. There is one school break during the autumn semester and we had of course planned a trip. We had almost arranged everything for the trip when we at the end of October headed off towards Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

This was going to be a tri-city trip to Sofia, Skopje, and Gothenburg. Our flights to Sofia as well as from Skopje to Gothenburg were booked, we had a hotel booking in Sofia as well as in Gothenburg. But we did still not know how to get from Sofia to Skopje or where to stay in Skopje. That would have to be arranged later on. We were at the time instead looking forward to leaving a grey and cold Sweden for some vacation.

Hello Sunshine!

Goodbye, Sweden! Hello Sofia! Hello Bulgaria! It was time for a new city and a new country for all of us. We were greeted by sunshine and what can only be described as summer for someone from Sweden. Landing at the main airport in Sofia also provided us with a problem to resolve. First, we had no local currency. Secondly, the usual global rideshare companies are banned in Bulgaria. So no Uber or Bolt. That is usually a problem when the taxi drivers do not speak English. After some time of research, we did eventually find the local taxi app and were able to order a taxi to take us to our hotel. If you ever visit Sofia, make sure to download TaxiMe. That was something that made our trip from the airport easier.

First Exploration of Sofia

Little A, who is not so little anymore, was hungry upon arrival so our first target was set on a fast-food hamburger for her to eat. On the way, we got to see a part of the center of Sofia, especially the pedestrian street of Vitosha Boulevard. After a small meal, we got to explore some more in the nearby vicinity, We focused on the park around the National Palace of Culture. The building is majestic and the many fountains here add a nice touch. With Little A’s tired legs after the early morning, we did not do much more walking than a few times up and down the Vitosha Boulevard. Instead, we were soon sitting in a restaurant enjoying some local food and drinks. Little A was tired and the best was to just head back to the hotel afterward.

While talking with the receptionist, Little A found out that she could get candy each time she walked in and out. Something she was happy to explain to us each time we left the hotel during our visit. She was hoarding those bonbons. The receptionist was also able to help us with our ride to Skopje a few days later. She arranged a taxi for us that was a lot cheaper than any of the offers that we had received online from companies in both Bulgaria and North Macedonia. This price did even include a lunch break along the road, something I considered essential for a longer ride with Little A.

An Evening Stroll in Sofia

While Little A rested in the hotel room together with Susann, I headed out to get a better feeling of Sofia. I planned to figure out where exactly we were staying. This evening stroll took me along the Vitosha Boulevard and around the National Palace of Culture. I also headed towards the Mall of Sofia to see if I could find something that Little A could find amusing. The shopping center was huge, but I couldn’t find what was on Little A’s wishlist. She wanted a fun park of some kind, a large indoor play area. We just had to find something else for Little A for the next day and luckily we did not need to take a walk to the mall.

Back at the hotel, my girls were still awake. But it did not take long until we all were sleeping, looking forward to the adventures to come.

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