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Hej Göteborg! Göteborg – or Gothenburg as you might know it – is the charming second city of Sweden. They have a park with penguins, a lovely accent (all parts in Sweden – except Stockholm – have a delightful accent) and it’s laid-back, relaxed and a great summer town. But hey, let’s call the city Göteborg in this post.

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Göteborg: A Short History

The city was founded by in 1621 by royal charter and it was heavily inspired by the Dutch, Germans and Scots. Dutch planners and engineers constructed the city, resulting in a city similar to other great Dutch projects of the time. As an example one can note all the canals in the city. So great was their power in the town that it followed Dutch law until 1652.

Little of the original architecture remains. Most interesting buildings are from the 18th century and onward.

Due to its the location Göteborg has always been an important commercial and industrial center of Sweden. The city has the largest port in the Nordic countries.

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5 Things to Do In Göteborg

There are so many things people can do in this vibrant city so we will only list five of them here.

  1. Visit the Haga District. Get lost in the oldest part of town while admiring charming wooden houses, many in characteristic county-governor style. Today they house plenty of independent shops and cafés. This is where you could try a tradition fika – a must for anyone visiting Sweden.
  2. While in Haga, climb the hill Risåberget, to Skansen Kronan. The fortress was completed in 1697. Nowadays it offers splendid views over the city.
  3. Take a walk in the park. Or in the parks. The main park is called Slottskogen and here you will find both hidden trails and a zoo. With penguins. Don’t miss the penguins! Trädgårdsföreningen is one of the best preserved 19th century parks in Europe. Go here to smell the roses and admire the palm house. Remember to have some delicious ice-cream in the park. The Botanical Garden is on my list of places to visit next time.
  4. Eat some fish. Fishing was traditionally the most important industry in Göteborg and even today you can try a lot of different kinds of fish. We think that the fish market hall Feskekôrka is a gem for photographers and seafood-lovers alike.
  5. Have fun at Liseberg. Looking for an adrenaline rush? You might find it at Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park.

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But Don’t Forget These Activities

If you have time on your hands, you might be interested in a tour to the archipelago. Seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions are but some of the activities you can participate in the archipelago that consists of more than 20 islands.

We love books, right? The Göteborg Book Fair is the largest cultural event in Scandinavia. Established in 1985, the Book Fair receives around 100,000 visitors every year. There are also plenty of other cultural activities taking place in the city.

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Göteborg: How to Get There?

Göteborg has Sweden’s second largest airport, Landvetter. It has connections with several destinations both domestically and in Europe. There are also trains to and from several places in Sweden and also buses go to and from most of Scandinavia.

The driving distance to Göteborg from 4 major Swedish cities, according to Google Maps:

From Stockholm – 469 kilometers (4 h 49 min)
From Malmö – 273 kilometers (2 h 49 min)
From Luleå – 1247 kilometers (14 h 20 min)
From Linköping – 275 kilometers (3 h 4 min)

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Want To Read More?

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