Gothenburg, Sweden, The Adventure's End

Gothenburg, Sweden – The Adventure’s End

Our tri-city adventure was about to come to an end. It had begun when we left Sweden from Stockholm Skavsta Airport and headed towards Sofia in Bulgaria about a week earlier. The trip continued from there to Skopje and North Macedonia before it was time to fly back to Sweden. However, our flight to Sweden did not take us back to Stockholm. Instead, we headed to Gothenburg. Our days in Gothenburg included sightseeing, shopping, and some ice hockey. But no adventure can continue forever.

A Last Few Hours in Gothenburg

We began our morning with breakfast and some time to relax. Luckily we also had time for a new visit to the swimming pool before check out. It still left us with a few hours after check out to kill before it was time to board our train back home. This time was spent walking around in the shopping center Nordstan and planning for our lunch. We had decided to buy food to bring with us on the train. We just needed to decide what to get. It turned out to be a hamburger for Little A and Subway sandwiches for Susann and me. Easy to bring with us and ensured we had something to do onboard the train.

The Train Back Home

The train from Gothenburg to Södertälje takes around three hours. We were not able to sit next to each other all three, but at least close by. I know that I slept for some of the trip. What did the ladies do? It seems like Little A had been talking quite a lot. Once we disembarked the train at the Södertälje Syd train station it was already evening. Luckily my father was already waiting for us at the station to drive us back home to Vagnhärad. An amazing tri-city adventure had come to an end. As had Little A’s first school break.

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