Vårdö Church, Åland Islands, Finland

Vårdö Church – Sights on Åland

The Vårdö Church is a 15th-century stone church, also known as the stone chapel Sundsskären. It is a part of the Sund-Vårdö Congregation, which belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is on the island of Lövö in Vårdö Municipality in the northeastern part of the Åland Islands. The church has been consecrated to Saint Matthias.

Vårdö Church

Vårdö Church is on the main island of Vårdö Municipality, former Vårdö Parish. It was originally a chapel that is believed to have been built at the end of the 15th century. The chapel lost its bell in 1540 after the Swedish Reformation and during the state confiscation of church assets under King Gustav Vasa.

The church has seen many alterations and additions since the 15th century. It expanded in the 17th century and continued to do so also in the 18th century. Its current tower was built in 1804.

The original chapel was originally under the mother church in Sund Parish but became the center of its own parish in 1866. It was later in 1970 reunited with Sund Parish when they were merged into the Sund-Vårdö Congregation.

Find Your Way

Vårdö Church is on the island of Lövö in Vårdö Municipality. To visit, you need to catch the local ferry from Prästö, at the end of Road 2 from Mariehamn. You will then arrive at the island of Töftö, from where the main road will lead you to the church.

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