Mariehamn Town Hall, Sights on Åland, Stadshus

Mariehamn Town Hall – Sights on Åland

Up on a hill known as Öhbergska Backen in Mariehamn stands the city’s town hall. The name in Swedish is Mariehamns Stadshus. Construction began in 1938 and the town hall was inaugurated already a year later in 1939. It is designed by the Finnish architect Lars Sonck (1870-1956). He was born in Kälviä in mainland Finland but grew up in Finström on the Åland Islands.

The building initially also housed a library and was the home to the police station, the fire station much more. It is nowadays home to some of the local authorities. At its front door is the park area known as Stadshusbacken. Here you will, in addition to a large green space, find a statue of the Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna of whom the city was named.

Find Your Way to Mariehamn Town Hall

The town hall can be found in the center of Mariehamn, it is just the park Stadshusbacken that separates it from the main square and the central commercial streets of the city. The Swedish name “Mariehamns Stadshus” is usually the name you find on the maps.

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