Château de Malbrouck, Malbrouck Castle, Manderen, France

Malbrouck, France – On the Road 2017: Day 15

We left Metz this morning, one day earlier than we first had planned. The reason we decided to move on earlier is that we wanted to revisit one of our favorite towns so far on our road trip – Saarburg. But we did plan two stops along the route, first one being the Malbrouck Castle just south of the German border. The distance to the border is as little as two kilometers.

Malbrouck Castle: What We Learned

We should admit that we didn’t find out much about the Malbrouck Castle during our visit. We didn’t even have to climb the hill this time as we could drive all the way up. What we did find out was this: there is a primate species from Africa, mainly living in D.R. Congo, Angola, and Zambia, named Malbrouck. That is what happens when you try to find information via the search engines. Our apologies for not always learning something new about the places we visit. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy the scenery from the top of the hill.

Malbrouck offered us some nice views over the surrounding area. The castle guards the town Manderen. Not to mention the view when driving towards the castle. Again we decided not to enter the castöe. We really prefer to see a castle from the outside, unless there is a tower with a great view. Climbing those towers is usually a lot of fun. Instead, we went back to the car and enjoyed a Swedish tradition –  a “fika”. As we were in France, it had to be croissants.

Goodbye France!

Our stop at Malbrouck Castle was the last one on French soil for this time. À bientôt! It was fun while it lasted, now the adventure continues in Germany.

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