Småholma Beach, Sights on Åland, Finland

Småholma Beach – Sights on Åland

There are plenty of sandy beaches on the Åland Islands. Believe it or not, it’s possible to swim in the Baltic Sea even though it’s not exactly the Mediterranean. One of the beaches that we like to visit with our four-year-old is at Möckelö Strand. Småholma Beach, or Småholma Badstrand in Swedish, is easily accessible and has plenty of sand, long and shallow waters, changing rooms, and a beach volleyball net.

Småholma Beach

The Småholma Beach is owned and run by Jomala Municipality. The long sandy beach goes from the waterline all the way to a small patch of grass before the treeline. Along the waterfront, the beach is framed by reeds on both sides. It is located within a small bay, which means that it is more protected from wind and waves.

It is, however, still the Baltic Sea. This means that the water temperature is fairly low, even when it’s warm. Additionally, there is a high risk of the algal bloom of Cyanobacteria reaching the bay in late summer.

Additional Amenities

Sometimes there is a need for further amenities to make a day on the beach possible, or at least more pleasant. Småholma Beach has a changing room, separated by gender. There is also a picnic table for anyone who wants somewhere to sit while eating their lunch or snack. For activities outside of swimming or playing in the sand, there is a volleyball net at the edge of the beach.

Finding Småholma Beach

The beach is in Möckelö and the district Möckelö Strand. Parking is available along the road Småholmavägen, to where there are signs all the way from Road 1. Heading out of Mariehamn, the easiest route includes taking the first left turn on Road 1 after leaving the roundabout at the S-market grocery store.

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