Mail Route Monument, Eckerö, Åland Islands

Mail Route Monument – Sights on Åland

Ecerkö was once the westernmost point of both Finland and the Russian Empire. This is where the mail to and from mainland Sweden either arrived or departed. Local men rowed across the dangerous sea to make sure deliveries arrived at their destination. It is in their memory that the mail route monument stands on a cliff in Eckerö, close to the old Mail and Customs Building.

The Mail Route Monument

The Mail Route Monument was raised in 1946 in memory of all the rowers who once kept the mail route open. Another monument exists across the sea in Grisslehamn, where also the old signal canon still watches over the harbor area. It was between Eckerö and Grisslehamn that the route once went, a route that is today quite similar to the route of the Eckerö Line ferries.

For many, the monument is only a reminder of the past and its many fascinating histories. These cliffs have in addition become popular for summer visitors wanting to enjoy the sunshine and the view out over the Baltic Sea.

Finding Your Way

The Mail Route Monument is on a cliff between the Eckerö Mail and Customs Building and the Old Mail Pier. When driving from Mariehamn these three sights are almost at the end of Road 1, at the left a few hundred meters before reaching the harbor Berghamn.

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