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Sawmill in Lumparland – Sights on Åland

Are you planning a visit to the countryside on the Åland Islands? Are you looking for things to do and see? Do you fancy something out of the ordinary? Today we tell you about the sawmill in Lumparland – the smallest municipality on mainland Åland.

In the forest, at Krickulla near Lumparby, you will find a remarkable (and somewhat unexpected) buildings. Here stands a reconstruction of a wind-powered sawmill – it is originally from the mid-19th century. Actually, there are quite a few windmills along the roads on the island. In this case, we have not been able to find much information about this particular sawmill. All we know is that Jan Karlsson and Johan Rosenberg owned it from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Although we don’t have much data about the building, we recommend a visit.

It is today a nice place for a short stop. The big sawmill is an interesting sight that will tell you a fair bit of the past – there is something very nostalgic about this red wooden structure. If you decide to visit the mill, you can also enjoy a small exhibition of old vehicles as well as grab something to eat or drink at the cafe. According to their Facebook page, visitors also have the chance to attend a flea market here. Maybe it’s time to find a bargain or two?

Do you want to visit the sawmill in Lumparland?

This is the part of the story that is not so easy to tell. The sawmill hides far from the major roads. When driving from Mariehamn towards Lumparland, take left towards Lumparby and then left again along Södra Lumparbyvägen. Eventually, you will see a sign mentioning “Sågkvarn”. Follow the sign a few meters along a gravel road and you will arrive at your destination.

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