Visiting Athena, Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece – First Day in Athens

I have been to the Greek capital twice before but it is quite some time ago now. We arrived in Athens late last night and this morning our plan was to sleep late. However, Little A did not agree with us. At 8 a.m. local time she decided to wake us up. We gave her breakfast before we embarked on our first full day of exploring Athens.

Our First Full Day in Athens

We are renting a flat in an area called Kato Patissia. It’s a residential area and on Sundays, many supermarkets seem to be closed. Fortunately, we found a lot of cafés and bakeries. We grabbed a bit of breakfast and took it back to the flat. It did not take long before we decided to go for another walk, as it was time for Little A to take her first nap of the day. The nearest metro stop is Kato Patissia. The walk after breakfast took us a little further, to the next stop Ag. Nikolaos. There we jumped on the train and rode a few stops before getting off at Monastiraki.

Sunshine and Crowds in Central Athens

Instead of a fixed plan, we followed the crowds. The Acropolis acted like a guiding star. We did not go there, though. Not today. The weather was starting to get quite warm, and we headed to Syntagma instead. On the way, we visited some shops and also found a place for lunch. Jesper had traditional gyros, while I opted for a fresh salad with grilled cheese and pomegranate. It really wasn’t an easy choice, as there were so many interesting options on the menu.

Little A kept charming the pants off everyone. She kept trying to give her water bottle to random strangers who usually responded with a smile and sometimes even with trying to play a little with her.

Heading Back to the Flat

After a late lunch, we all felt that it was time to head back home. On the way from the station to our apartment, we found a toy shop and we got Little A a small car that speaks Greek to her.

After a long nap, we just packed up all our stuff to feel more like home. After all, this is going to be our home for the next four weeks.

We haven’t really made any plans for the upcoming week. I guess time will tell what adventures we will be facing in the next few days. What is for sure, is that there are a lot to see in this ancient city and Jesper is looking forward to saying hello to Athena at the top of Acropolis.

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