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Pieces of the World In Our Living Room

We want to travel as much as possible, to see as much of the world as we can. However, in order to cure some of the more sudden bursts of wanderlust, we have brought a piece of the world into our living room. World maps, decorations from various trips, photos, the color red… and a small globe of course. I’m actually still dreaming of having a huge world map in our living room that could serve the purpose of an oracle. You know, a map you can throw a dart at. And then go to whatever destination it chooses for you. Anyway, it’s not always possible to go abroad. In those instances, it’s rather nice to have a living room that reminds you of the world.

All the Corners of the World In Our Living Room

Our living room has a very funny shape, which means that it has a lot of corners. The layout might not be optimal but all those corners are ideal places for maps and pictures. I think that we are happiest about the photo of the zebras. Jesper took it in Etosha, Namibia and every day it reminds us of our wonderful trip to Africa.

In another corner, we have a huge world map. It’s just too nice for those darts! A couple of years ago we found a couple of drawings of old Nyköping. It was at the castle in Nyköping and we thought they were a bargain so we decided to get them. The whole black and white thing fits rather well with all the red and the maps.

Speaking of bargains, I came across a Chinese calendar at work and took it home. It has Chinese characters in it and it’s red, so I fell totally in love.

An Asian Touch In Our Living Room

We have actually never been to Asia but the area interests us both. And someday soon we will go there for sure! For some odd reason, we have both received our fair share of Asian-inspired gifts, which now decorate our home. Chopsticks, a compass, and a teapot – what else could you possibly need?  


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  1. Hayley

    We do this too, and have bookcases filled with travel guides and stories. It’s even extended to the garden – each year I bring in new things inspired by our travels. Keeps the mind fresh ?

    1. Susann

      I love the idea of extending it to the garden 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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