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Happy New Year and Welcome to the Biveros Bulletin

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Good Bye 2022 and Happy New Year! We hope that you have a great New Year’s Eve and a pleasant celebration. This year we will have a cozy family evening here in Sweden ahead of us and are excited about 2023. We are especially looking forward to several new trips, new friends, and a great 2023 in general. We hope that we have set up a good foundation for the new year. Let us then also have a look at the name of this website. We started The Biveros Effect in 2015 and have since written about several of our trips and the places that we have visited. However, the name has in the recent year become less and less fitting. Especially since we separated the site based on language with one English site and one Swedish site. So today we are launching our new name, a name that works in both English and Swedish and probably many other languages. Welcome to the Biveros Bulletin!

Biveros Bulletin

A few days ago, we asked you all for your opinion in regard to the possible name change. The most popular option was Biveros Journeys. A name that we have considered for some time now and finally decided against. The main reason is that it is not fitting to a lot of the content on our Swedish site, which also covers a lot about genealogy. The option Biveros Bulletin also received a few votes. It is a name that we believe is covering more of our topics, even though traveling will always be at the top of our minds. Other options we have considered were Biveros Stories, Biveros Tales, and Biveros Journal. None of them received any feedback in our Facebook vote, so they were excluded.

What is Changing?

With the exception of the name of the website and our social media accounts, nothing will be changing. We will continue with posts about our traveling and places of interest. There will not even be a change in the URL to our site, it will stay the same.

What is Happening in 2023?

We have already booked a couple of trips for 2023 already and we’re also planning some more. We will be visiting Tirana in Albania and Bucharest in Romania during the next two months. I will also be heading on a solo trip to Krakow in Poland in between these trips. In addition, I’m also looking into the possibility of doing a solo trip to Gdansk in Poland as well as for Susann and me to head to Budapest for a new visit.

The search for a new longer trip during March or April has also been started. Even our summer plans have a proposition established with a long European Road Trip suggested to Susann’s parents. So maybe we will explore Europe in their RV during the summer. Either way, there is a lot that we look forward to and this is just mentioning the traveling side of life.

Once more, Happy New Year, and have a Great 2023!

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