On the Road 2017, Trier, Germany

Trier, Germany – On the Road 2017: Day 11

Today has been such an eventful day. For one, we went to Germany for a day trip. The border is not far away at all from Metz, so of course, we had to take advantage of the possibility to explore Germany a bit. Trier was one of the cities that we really wanted to visit during our three-week-long road trip. So, we did, of course, end up in what might be the oldest city in Germany. After the two earlier stops in Schengen and Saarburg, Trier was our main stop for the day.

Some Shopping for Susann

The first on our list of things to do in Trier was to let Susann go shopping. So after a small lunch, we headed to one of the malls. There I sat down for a cup of tea while Susann ran between the stores. So, how did it go? Money spent was zero, as she couldn’t find anything of interest. Instead, I made sure to buy two pairs of new shorts to replace my old ones. It seems to be the case for us, Susann tries to find something nice and then eventually I’m the one finding something.

Exploring Trier

It was another really hot day today and we were quite happy to explore the city in the late afternoon instead of the middle of the day. The center of Trier is quite compact. Due to that, we walked around most of the center. There are not many prominent buildings in comparison with other cities, but the city as a whole creates its own atmosphere. There are however a few prominent sights and buildings also in Trier. The Porta Nigra and the cathedral are probably the most famous ones.

For a city with a past stretching back to the Romans, there is a lot of history to explore. We only scratched the surface and considering that it might be the oldest town in Germany, we have probably not even seen the top of the iceberg. Actually, we missed some of the Roman remains in the town.

One funny fact about the city: its most famous resident was probably Karl Marx. His home is nowadays a museum near the city center.

Trier is in the Moselle Wine Region, so we had the chance to admire steep slopes and beautiful nature on our way to and from the town. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a wine festival that we can attend…

We thought that we were heading straight back to Metz after leaving Trier. We will wait until tomorrow with telling you what happened next.

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