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Weekend Reflections: What Are You Really Good At?

What are you really good at? Have you given it any thought? Tell us, share!

It’s time for some weekend reflections, with a cup of green tea and the sun setting outside the window. You see, I have a book that is all about writing lists. Yes, you read correctly, lists! Actually, I quite like those kinds of books that awaken your creativity and inspiration. Or something like this. Although, it becomes a bit problematic when you that questions faces you: what are you really good at? Maybe Nordic mentality is at play here or maybe I should blame something else. Maybe my childhood? There are some things I’m fairly good at (such at making a mess in our apartment and drinking bubbly), but none of those things are really worth bragging about. Although, I must admit that it takes some skill to mess up our flat. But it’s so difficult to pat yourself on the back!

In total, I came up with four things I’m really good at:
  1. Learning foreign languages
  2. Analyzing and reflecting over things
  3. Getting things done when I really have to (otherwise, I’m usually quite lazy)
  4. Finding something positive in most things

Now I thought of two more things:

  • I suspect that few people are as efficient as I am when it comes to collecting books. Some of them I may read, others will probably gather dust for all eternity. Some of the said books are rather odd, like the ones about making lists.
  • The peculiar habit of reading at least two books simultaneously – usually one of them is a serious piece of writing while the other one is something I would never even admit to having heard about.

52 lists, what are you really good at? 52 lists, what are you really good at? 52 lists, what are you really good at?

So, come on, share with the class: what are you really good at?

Today is the World Book Day and I would love to recommend a great piece of fiction. Actually, what initially caught my attention was the pretty cover and the fact that the plot takes place in Croatia. The English title is Farewell, Cowboy, and The Guardian has published an interesting review about it.

According to the review:

Dazzling, funny and deadly serious, this perfectly pitched novel about the legacy of the Yugoslav war heralds the arrival of an exciting new European voice

52 lists, what are you really good at? Farewell, Cowboy

It is rather beautiful, isn’t it?

This post was originally published in Swedish, you can read the post here >>

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