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3 Happy Thoughts Right Now

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Let’s talk happy thoughts. In my Facebook feed this morning I saw that the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet had a poll about the three things that brings you most happiness. Here are my happy thoughts right now – what are yours?

Happy Thoughts Right Now

Happy thoughts

Embracing the fact that we do not know everything means that there will always be an element of surprise in our lives. While the predictable sometimes is the more comfortable option, we can only development and improve when we meet unexpected challenges in life. I think that travelling is one way to bring happiness into one’s life – it feeds curiosity and it teaches us a great deal.

Life is indeed an adventure!

Happy thoughts

With the risk of sounding like a cliche from a self-help book, the next one in the list of happy thoughts is this: All you have is right now. No matter how much we plan and try to look ahead, the choices we make right now are the key. By being in the present, we add a bit of control to a chaotic world. What we think – about ourselves and the people around us – define our outlook on the world. It’s all in your head, basically. Some weeks ago I was thinking about all the different ways people can approach any given societal phenomenon.

Right now, for this moment, we can choose to be happy. 

Happy thoughts

Openness and enjoying the moment. The third of the happy thoughts today is the fact that there is nothing lacking. Now, I do realise that there are many people in this world who lack the most basic and essential things to lead a good life. However, there are people in equal numbers who don’t realise that they have everything – and much more – that they need. It’s difficult to remember this point in our contemporary society that is so strongly linked to consuming. Today I’m happy that I this thought crossed my mind: I’m happy for all the little things. For instance, that hot Indian spiced tea tastes so darn good right now. The sun is shining. And my headache is starting to disappear. All the time I will spend on laughing and all the hugs today.

What are your happy thoughts today?


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