Maxinge, Sights on Åland

Maxinge – Sights on Åland

Maxinge is a shopping center in the village of Sviby in Jomala Municipality. It is just north of Mariehamn, the main city of the Åland Islands. It is one of the main commercial centers on the island and has shops such as the grocery store Sparhallen, the island’s only H&M, and a lot more.


Maxinge Center opened its doors in 2013 and the shopping center comprises 15.000 square meters. This was originally the location of the grocery store Sparhallen, which first opened in 1981 and moved to Sviby in 1985. The shopping center has since it opened in 2013 housed both international and local businesses, usually with connection to Sweden or Finland. These include in addition to Sparhallen and H&M also stores such as KappAhl, Eurosko, Clas Ohlson, Team Sportia, Lekia, Musti ja Mirri, and Euronics.

The surrounding area has also continued its development with larger stores such as the Swedish furniture store Mio, the Danish furniture store Jysk, the Swedish sports equipment store Stadium Outlet, and several more. There is also one more grocery store here and that is K Supermarket Kantarellen, which opened already in 1991.

Find Your Way

Maxinge is just two kilometers north of Mariehamn along Road 2. There are plenty of options on how to get here. From Mariehamn, it is possible to both walk and cycle. There is also a large parking lot for anyone traveling by car.

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    Very interesting! I didn’t know there is a village called Sviby or Aland Island until I read your post. Thank you for such a great post!

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